16 Breathtaking Photographs of Frozen Lakes and Oceans Will Make You Appreciate Winter

By | January 6, 2015

Mother winter isn’t all that bad…I mean look at all the beauty she created here!

#1. Frozen lake

frozen lake

#2. Frozen pond

frozen pond

#3. Geometric pond ice in southern Oregon, USA

geometric pond ice in southern oregon usa

#4. Ice rider in Siberia, Russia

ice rider in siberia russia

#5. Lake Druzhby in Antarctica

lake druzhby in antarctica

#6. Lake Michigan, Chicago, USA

lake michigan chicago usa

#7. Lake Monona, Wisconsin

lake monona wisconsin

#8. Pond in Switzerland

pond in switzerland

#9. Baikal Lake in Russia

baikal lake in russia

#10. Belmeken Lake in Rila National Park, Bulgaria

belmeken lake in rila national park bulgaria

#11. Blue pond in Japan

blue pond in japan

#12. Bubbles under the ice, Abraham Lake, Canada

bubbles under the ice of abraham lake canada

#13. Clear ice lake, Slovakia

clar ice in slovakia

#14. Emerald ice on Baikal Lake, Russia

emerland ice on baikal lake russia

#15. Frost flowers in the Arctic ocean

frost flowers in the arctic ocean

#16. Frozen lake in Poland

frozen lake in poland

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