This Is What People Thought The Future Was Going to Look Like…#10 Would be My Dream Come True!

By | May 15, 2014

Back in the 50s and 60s, people had a very different view of what the future would be like. Take these ads for example; they’re actually not bad ideas, and a lot of them have actually been invented!

#1. Self driving cars – at least in California, these babies are already driving around!

selfdriving cars

#2. Self-check in at the airport – been there, done that!

self check in airport

#3. Portable AC unit? How about you just install one on the entire bus?

portable ac

#4. Unfortunately, this still hasn’t happened yet 🙁

jetsons car

#5. Instead of automatic doors…use this?

instead of automatic doors

#6. This is what the voicemail was going to be like LOL

future voicemail

#7. Food truck? Got that!

food truck

#8. Clothes folder…now THAT’S something I would loooove!

clothes folder

#9. Automatic laundry? Hellz yes!

automatic laundry

#10. Give me NOW

super chef