18 Of The Most Awesome Kitchen Gadgets For the Geek In You

By | March 30, 2015

If you’re cooking with any one of these kitchen gadgets, you’ve won!

#1. Game of Thrones Dragon Egg cookie jar

game of thrones dragon egg cookie jar

#2. Harry Potter teaspoon

harry potter teaspoon

#3. Keyboard waffle iron

keyboard waffle iron

#4. Khal and Khaleesi mugs

khal and khaleesi mugs

#5. Lego cup holder

lego cup holder

#6. Lord of the Rings magic mug

lord of the rings magic mug

#7. Nessie ladle

nessie ladle

#8. Pacman magic mug

pacman magic mug

#9. Pi pizza cutter

pi pizza cutter

#10. Pokemon ice cube tray

pokemond ice cube tray

#11. Star Wars cupcake sprinkler

star wars cupcake sprinkler

#12. Super Mario mug and coaster

super mario mug and coaster

#13. Tetris sandwich shaper

tetris sandwich shaper

#14. Unicorn sprinkler

unicorn sprinkler

#15. Adventure time wooden spoons

adventure time wooden spoons

#16. Breaking Bad spatula

breaking bad spatula

#17. Darth Vader toaster

darth wader toaster

#18. Death Star ice sphere mold

death star ice sphere mold

I totally wouldn’t mind getting that Breaking Bad spoon for Easter! If you enjoyed this post, don’t forget to share:)