This Guy’s GF Died 2 Years Ago…Now She’s Messaging Him on FB – This Will Haunt Me Forever

By | July 5, 2014

Loosing a loved one can’t possibly be easy by any means, but what this poor guy had to endure 1 year AFTER his girlfriend died is more than anyone could take. Nathan and his girlfriend Emily had been dating for about 5 years when she suddenly passed away in 2012 in a horrific car accident. Naturally, Nathan was devastated, and it took him some time to adjust to being alone. But, all of a sudden, Nathan started receiving very creepy Facebook messages that were coming from Emily’s account. According to Nathan, only him and her mom had access to her account. Emily had already been dead for some time now, but he kept getting the messages. Read the chilling story below..

dead gf

After having read the story, it sent chills down my spine and I’m pretty sure I won’t be able to sleep tonight. But, at the same time there is a lot of scepticism here too. The odds of this actually being Emily’s ghost (although maybe possible) are quite slim. Even if ghosts did exist, would they really be chatting on Facebook? Personally, someone is playing a very cruel and insensitive joke, or this guy is trying to get some Internet fame. What are your thoughts on this story? Do you believe it or not?

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