China Just Discovered the Largest Insect In The World…And It’ll HAUNT YOUR DREAMS

By | August 4, 2014

If you like insects, you’ll like this one! OK seriously though, who likes insects? Sure I get the fact that they help clean the environment and all that, but they’re creepy as hell and they are what nightmares are made of! Well to make matters even worse, China has just discovered the BIGGEST insect of them all.

The Insect Museum of West China has just found the world’s largest flying insect: The Giant Dobsonfly. The Dobsonfly is an aquatic insect and is typically found in China, India, and Vietnam. Ok…starting to feel a little better now since I’m nowhere near there. And now for your feature presentation…the GIANT DOBSONFLY *shudder*.

It’s (kind of) reassuring to know that the Giant Dobsonfly spends most of its time in the larvae stage

spend most of their lives in larvae stage

It is also highly susceptible to pollution so please feel free to dump all your chemical waste in, on, or around it

succeptible to pollution

Here’s a fun fact: there are 220 species of Dobsonflies, and this one is the BIGGEST

220 species of dobsonflies

CNN describes the Dobsonfly as “large enough to cover the human face”. Thanks CNN – now I’ll be able to sleep like a baby!

cnn describes it as large enough to cover a human face

Here it is compared to an egg!

compared to an egg

It has a wingspan of 8.27 inches

dobsonfly wingspan of 8.27 inches

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