Happy Canada Day! Here are 25 Reasons Why Canada ROCKS!

By | July 1, 2014

Are you a Canadian? If you answered no, then you’re probably super jealous. Like really, really jealous. And why wouldn’t you be? Canada has the most friendliest people in the world, free healthcare, amazing landscapes, and poutine! But there’s so much more to Canada that you didn’t even know about! So in honor of Canada Day, here are 25 amazing reason why Canada is the best nation in the world!

#1. Our ties to the monarchy – our money has a QUEEN!

our ties to the monarchy

#2. Poutine – fries, cheese curds & gravy mmmm


#3. President’s Choice – only the best frikken brand in the world!

presidents choice

#4. This guy!

ryan gossling

#5. The Caesar – not to confused with a Bloody Mary!

the caesar

#6. Tim Hortons

tim hortons

#7. We can go to Cuba…and you can’t!

we can go to cuba

#8. We also invented basketball! I’m not lying – look it up!

we invented basketball

#9. We’re hardcore travellers – 55% of Canadians have a passport, while only 37% of Americans possess one

55 percent have a passport 37 percent us

#10. According to Forbes, Canada is the best country in the world to do business in!

best country in the world to do business forbes

#11. We have the BETTER SIDE of Niagara Falls – you know it’s true!

better side of niagara falls

#12. Cheaper drugs and free health care

cheap drugs

#13. Coffee Crisp!

coffee crisp

#14. The use of the word “eh?” – we know the rest of you wanna use it but you can’t!


#15. We’re also very funny – Jim Carrey is Canadian

jim carrey

#16. Joe Fresh!

joe fresh

#17. Kinder eggs are LEGAL in our contry

kinder eggs

#18. Our lakes! Canada has the most lakes of any country in the world


#19. Ketchup Lay’s – enough said!

lays ketchup

#20. Les Stroud – Survivorman

les stroud survivorman

#21. We have limits for election spending

limits to election spending

#22. Women can take PAID maternity leave for a FULL YEAR

maternity leave

#23. Oh Canadaaaaa – Our national anthem rocks!

national anthem

#24. Our milk is pure! No hormones here!

no hormones in milk

#25. Sorry! Our apologetic nature is unlike anywhere else!

If you’re a true Canadian (or just a fan!) please share this post and let others know just how much you love this beautiful country!