13 People Who Took Beautiful, But Accidental Photos. Photogenic Level = 1000

By | January 5, 2015

These people have completely mastered the art of looking good…while doing something hard. So jelly!

He won by TCS (Totally Charming Smile)

he won by tcs totally charming smile

Just crawling through barbed wire…nbd

just crawling through barbed wire nbd

Just gave birth and just been born – looking great!

just gave birth and just been born looking great

Just hurdling!

just hurdling

Partners in crime

partner in crime looking good

Playing rugby and still looking great

playing rugby and still lookng great

Ridiculously photogenic fighter

ridiculously photogenic fighter

Running through flames? No problem!

running through flames no problem

The perfect shot

the perfect shot

About to fall but still smiling

about to fall but still smiling



Being awesome

being awesome

Catching some air and looking great!

catching some air and looking great

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