Can You UNSEE This? Shocking New Evidence That Hollywood is DYING!

By | July 2, 2014

You’ve seen thousands of movies and their corresponding posters…but have you really ever looked at them? Here is undeniable proof that Hollywood could quite possibly be dying! Ok maybe not so dramatic…but they are completely running out of ideas! But blogger Christopher Courtois discovered something unbelievable – all movies seem to share the same poster! There are only a few templates, and every single movie is basing their cover on one of those templates. Unbelievable? Check below and BELIEVE! You’ll never look at a movie poster the same again!

Big heads in the sky set over tiny people on a beach

big heads in the sky set over tiny people on a beach

Big text on big faces

big text on big faces

Insanely blue background with a natural focus

blue poster with natural focus

One big frikken eye

one big eye

People running for their lives…usually at weird angles

people running for their lives

Women in red dresses

woman in a red dress

A couple or partners leaning back to back

a couple lening back to back

A pair of people in bed

a pair of people in bed

A shot from the back

a shot from the back

A shot through the legs

a shot through the legs

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