When Bears Act Like Humans…It’s Almost Too Cute to Bear

By | August 27, 2014

Who knew bears could be so human-like?

Just doing some stretches before the big race


Taking a leisurely swim


Taking care of business

taking care of business

Thinking about life

thinking about life


waving bear

Bear grills

bear grills

Bye bears!

bye bears

Cooling off

cooling off

Dancing bear

dancing bear

Typical family arguments

family arguments

Gone fishing


Getting out of the pool

getting out of the pool

Getting the perfect shot

getting the perfect shot

Playing hide n’ seek

hidden bear

Jet skiing

jet skiing

Just some kids in the playground

kids at the playground

Kung fu bear

kung fu bear

Cruising in the Lambo

lambo cruising

Reading bear

reading bear

Regretful bear

regretful bear

Relaxing in the hammock

relaxing in the hammock

Riding in a taxi

riding in a taxi

Sliding down

sliding down

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