I Can’t Believe These Pictures Were Taken Right Here on Earth!

By | March 12, 2014

The planet has many ways of leaving us astonished. Whether it’s with its mysterious oceans or wast lands, there is always something to be discovered.

Upon looking at these photographs, you might be surprised to learn that these pictures were taken right here on Earth. As astonishing as it may look, this is the result of a very toxic and sulphuric volcano, called Kawah Ijen.

Kawah Ijen volcano is located in the 12 mile wide diameter of Ijen caldera in East Java, Indonesia

Kawah Ijen volcano












Due to its high content of sulphur, this volcano emits an eerie, blue color at night.

Kawah Ijen volcano










This sulphur burns at a whopping 240°F and is extremely toxic

Kawah Ijen volcano












Local miners risk their lives every day by actually going down into the crater to collect the sulphur by hand. They will carry up to 200lbs/day and sell the sulphur for around 2.5 cents a pound.

sulphur volcano












This is what Kawah Ijen looks like from the top

kawah ijen













These stunning photographs were taken by French photographer Olivier Grunewald, who captured these incredible shots at night when the miners went down into the crater.

olivier grunewald











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