21 Ice Sculptures That Are Actually Just Incredibly Amazing Works of Art

By | January 12, 2015

These ice sculptors are immensely talented – just check out some of their incredible work!

Mama bear and cub

mama bear and cub

Russian landmarks

russian landmarks

Sea turtles

sea turtles

The great wall of ice

the great wall of ice

Warrior in battle

warrior in battle

A blowfish

a blowfish


a geisha

A woman removing her mask

a woman removing her mask

Abstract art

abstract art

An eagle

an eagle

Baby fox riding on its mother’s back

baby fox riding on its mothers back

Big bird

big bird

Chess board

chess board

Chinese ice architecture

chinese ice architecture

Dog sled

dog sled

Giant grasshopper

giant grasshopper

Humpback whale

humpback whale

Ice Colosseum

ice colosseum

Ice maiden

ice maiden

Ice snail

ice snail

Ice surfing

ice surfing

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