Kids That Know Exactly What They Want in Life. This is Probably One of The Funniest Things You’ll Ever See

By | November 19, 2014

Kids have big and impossible dreams, and this just proves it!

Okay then, good luck with that!

black spiderman

Chocolate milk…it’s the answer to everything!

chocolate milk

Death is not an option here

death is not an option

Fair enough…at least he’s honest

fair enough at least he's honest

Forever alone guy

forever alone guy

“Found this in my sister’s homework planner. She’s 12.

Found this in my sister's homework planner, she's 12.



Get it right Easter Bunny

get it right easter bunny

The secret to happiness

got it right

That’s a great career path

great career path

Boo Greenbay Packers!

greenbay packers

So I’m guessing she really likes Hanna Montana?

hanna montana

Simplicity is where it’s at

hat lover

So much hate

hates mom

He’s just being honest!

innapropriate sentences

It’s raining tacos!

its raining tacos

The Lego god

lego god

One day…you’ll be a mermaid


Let’s make sure she never becomes president, okay?

never let her be in charge

Now that’s one wish I’ve never heard of!

overweight wish

Romantic guy over here


Screw tables!

screw tables

“She wanted to be a table for Halloween”

she wanted to be a table for halloween

Sounds great!

sounds good

I really hope she changes her mind when she gets a little older

taco bell wish

He’s not ashamed of his dreams!

wanna be a dog

Amazon Santa has arrived!

amazon santa

Bacon. Just bacon.


And then some more bacon. Because bacon.


Wow I had no idea so many people want to become Batman!

batman kids

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