14 Rare Pictures of Kim Kardashian Before She Was Famous

By | August 13, 2014

You may know Kim Kardashian as the annoyingly famous reality star/selfie queen/Kanye West’s wife/big ass. But before all of that, Kim was just a regular Armenian girl. Before her sex tape propelled her into fame, she was also Paris Hilton’s assistant. I wonder what Paris thinks of her now…

A young Kim Kardashian with Nicole Richie

kim with nicole richie

Kim with Paris and Kourtney when she was her assistant

kim with paris hilton and kourtney

Kim with Paris

kim with paris

Kourtney and Kim

kourtney and kim

Even though Kim is rocking that shower, everyone is still looking at Paris

notice how everyone is looking at paris

The Kardashian siblings strike a pose

siblings strike a pose

A very cheesy Kardashian family photo

karadshian family pic

Kim and Kourtney

kim and kourtney

Kim and Paris

kim and paris

Kim and sisters

kim and sisters

Kim as a baby

kim as a baby

Kim eating cake

kim eating cake

Kim playing soccer

kim little

Kim with her dad and siblings

kim with dad

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