18 Spectacular Perspective Views of Famous Landmarks That Will Make You See the World in a Different Light

By | February 19, 2015

These 18 perspective photographs will completely change your view of the world.

Sagrada Familia

sagrada familia





Taj Mahal

taj mahal

The Kaaba

the kaaba

The White House

the white house

The Acropolis


Arc de Triomphe

arc de triomphe

Brandenburg Gate

brandenburg gate

Central Park, NYC

central park nyc

The Forbidden City

forbidden city

The Hollywood Sign

hollywood sign

The Mona Lisa

mona lisa

Mont St. Michel, France

mont saint michel france

Mount Rushmore

mount rushmore

Niagara Falls

niagara falls

The Pyramids of Giza

pyramids of giza

Rock of Gibraltar

rock of gilbraltar

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