13 Stunning Photographs of Lavender Fields From Around the World

By | September 15, 2014

Lavender fields forever!

Mt. Shasta Lavender Farms, Montague, California

mt shasta lavender farms, montague, cali

Provence, France

provence, france

Snowshill Cotswolds, Gloucestershire, England

Lavender fields Snowshill Cotswoulds Gloucestershire

Banstead, Surrey, UK

banstead, surrey, uk

Castle Farm Shoreham, Kent, UK

castle farm, shoreham, kent, uk
castle farm, shoreham, kent, uk2

Hertfordshire, UK

hertfordshire, uk

Lavender Field, Kent, UK

lavender field kent uk
lavender field kent uk2

Lavender Field near Mt. Shasta, California

lavender field near mount shasta cali

Lavender Fields, Provence, France

lavender fields provence france

Mayfield Lavender Fields, Banstead, Surrey, UK

mayfield lavender field banstead surrey uk

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