27 Times When Life Kicked You While You Were Already Down

By | April 15, 2015

What have you done to deserve this?!?

When you just can’t catch a break

you just can't catch a break

When you know you won’t make it to work on time

you wont make it to work on time

When you’re just trying to help

youre just trying to help

When your caffeine addiction will stop at nothing

caffeine addiction

When you can’t even save yourself

cant even save yourself

When coffee time is just not possible

coffee time is not possible

When your first day on the job is also your last

first and last day on the job

When playtime is officially over

playtime is over

When snack time is no longer an option

snack time is not an option

When you’re so close…yet also so far

so close

When things just can’t get any worse

things cant get any worse

When this atrocity happens

this atrocity happens 2

Followed by this one

this atrocity happens

When this happens

this happens

When this very important thing rolls away from you

this rolls away from you

When you just can’t have nice things

u cant have nice things

When all you want is your bed then this happens

u just want ur bed

When the universe adds insult to injury

universes adds insult to injury

When your car catches fire…on the road…while driving

ur car catches on fire

When your diner is completely ruined

ur dinner is ruined

When your lunch doesn’t want to be a part of your day

ur lunch doesnt wanna be a part of ur day

When you realize you won’t be getting that job

ur not getting that job

When vending machine problems happen

vending machine problems

When all hell will break loose

when all hell will break loose

When temptation is just too strong

when temptation is strong

When this happens

when this happens

When winter kicks your ass

winter kicks u in the nuts

Why, oh why, do good things happen to good people? Actually, we don’t know if these were good people! Don’t forget to share:)