CRAZY: Here’s How Much Time You Spend in Your Lifetime Doing Normal Activities

By | June 6, 2014

Have you ever thought about how much time you waste just getting ready? You’ll be shocked to find out that most of our lives are wasted doing very normal, mundane things that we don’t even think about!

We spend 115 days laughing

115 days spent laughing

And 99,117 hours at work

99,117 hours at work

We spend 46,800 hours on housework

46,800 hours doing housework

Men spend 46 days just getting ready

46 days to get ready for men

We spend a whopping 38,003 on just eating

38,003 hours spent on eating

26 years is spent on sleeping alone

26 years spent sleeping

We spend 23,214 hours on washing clothes

23,214 washing clothes

We spend 20 weeks just being on hold

20 weeks on hold

11 years is being spent on watching tv

11 years watching tv

Men will spent 9 hours and 18 seconds orgasming, while females will only spend 1 hour and 24 minutes. Seems a little low, no?

9 hours 18 seconds for males 1 hour 24 minutes for female

7 years: how long we lie awake at night

7 years how long we lie awake at night

We spend 6 months waiting in line

6 months waiting in line

5 years being online

5 years being online

We spend 5 months just complaining

5 months spent complaining

4 years being on the phone at work

4 years being on phone at work

3,000 hours on shaving

3,000 hours shaving

2,170 hours sunbathing

2170 hours tanning

658 hours cuddling

658 hours cuddling

We wait 653 hours for trains

653 hours waiting for trains

We spend 366 days being sick

366 days being sick

160 days are being spent smoking cigarettes on break

160 days smoking cigarettes on break

Women will spend 136 days getting ready

136 days to get ready

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