24 Ways To Live Your Life to The Fullest Even If You’re Poor!

By | April 9, 2015

These people definitely figured out the way to happiness!

Broken headlight? No problem!

broken headlight no problem

Broken gas tank door? No problem!

diaper top gas tank

Live life in the fast lane with your bey

fast lane couple

Can’t afford pizza? Pizza toast is BETTER!

pizza toast

Make yourself some limited edition, custom Adidas kicks

Adidas shoes

Or if running shoes aren’t your thing, custom made Alexander McQueens might be right up your alley!

alexander mcqueen heels

Boats cost a fortune…but NOT a couch boat! Tip: you can find couches like these at the dump

boat dreams

No cup holder? No problem mon!

cheap cupholder

Now you too can be the belle of the ball!

cheap dresses

Make yourself some crafty speakers

crafty speakers

Got a pickup truck? Fill it with water and POOL

fill anything with water and you have a pool

Beats by Dre are expensive, but THESE are cheap AND unique!

fix broken headphones with knex pieces

Regular candles are too mainstream! Use green beans instead!

green ben for candle

Make a gun holster out of a flip flop!

gun holster

INSTANT hot tub!

instant hot tub

Make your own Lacoste shirt – it looks WAY better than the original!

lacoste shirt

Use your shirt as a baby carrier

no baby carrier no problem

No gym membership? No problem!

no gym membership

No need to throw out the couch! Either replace the cushion with a chair or make a boat out of it (see above)

no need to throw out the couch

You don’t need a stove!

no stove no problem

You WILL have ravioli for dinner…no matter what!

ravioli for dinner no matter what

Renew disposable razors with some plastic forks and superglue!

renew disposable razors

Make your own shower head and save money!

shower head

Go out and get drunk on other people’s drinks by being sneaky!

sneaky at the bar

Hopefully you’ve learned something from this! Don’t forget to share this useful guide 🙂