20 of the Worst McDonald’s Menu Items Ever Sold

By | April 3, 2015

Some of these you may not even remember, but they WERE on the menu – even if for a very short time.

1.Onion nuggets

onion nuggets

2.Son of Mac – just like a BigMac…except smaller

son of mac

3. Spanish omelet bagel

spanish omelet bagel

4. McClean Deluxe – Lean beef meat that tasted the same as a regular burger but more expensive

mcclean deluxe

5. Angus burgers

angus burgers

6.Bacon, Bacon, McBacon – Introduced in Australia, it featured 2 beef patties, 5 slices of cheese, 5 slices of bacon, bbq sauce, and the whole thing dipped in lard. WTF?!

bacon bacon mcbacon

7. Chopped beefsteak sandwich – Never caught on

chopped beefsteak sandwich

8. Eggs benedict McMuffin

eggs benedict mcmuffin

9. Fajitas and burritos

fajitas and burrtos

10. Hularburger – no meat, just a slice of grilled pineapple


11. McAfrica – A racist burger topped with special African sauce


12. McDLT – Where you build your own burger…no thanks


13. McHot dog – No thanks!

mchot dog

14. McJordan – During the Michael Jordan era of course


15. McPizza – Took too long to make and the pizza boxes wouldn’t fit through the drive-through window


16. McSalad shakers – Salad in a cup

mcsalad shakers

17. McSoup – Campbell’s soup in a McDonald’s cup


18. McSpaghetti – Eww


19. McSpicy – Good idea but no


20. Mighty wings – Why?

mighty wings

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