30 of the Best Mean Muggin Shots From Around the World

By | September 9, 2014

Call it what you will. Throwing shade, giving dirty looks, eyeing, judging, mean muggin…whatever. These people all did it and got caught with it.

#1. When Sandra Bullock’s baby disapproved of all of us


#2. When the Royal ladies judged everyone at once

royal ladies judging

#3. When this dog gave you a smug look

smug dog

#4. When Sophia Loren disapproved

sophia loren

#5. When St. Clare of Assisi was fed up with your shit

st clare of assisi was fed up

#6. When this kid was beyond annoyed

when this kid was beyond annoyed

#7. When this baby and monkey had enough of everyone and everything…and each other

baby and monkey

#8. When this baby giraffe was just disgusted

baby giraffe unimpressed

#9. When this baby judged you…hard

baby judged you

#10. When this baby was not interested in celebrating the new year

baby not interested in celebrating

#11. When baby Virginia was just over it

baby virgina over it

#12. When Bette Davis was sick of you

bette davis was sick of you

#13. When Beyonce gave you that look

beyonce gave you a look

#14. When Blanche was not amused

blanche not amused

#15. When Blue Ivy Carter had enough

blue ivy carter had enough

#16. When Britney was sick of Paris

britney had enough of paris

#17. When Chloe didn’t care about Disneyland or anything else

chloe didn't care

#18. When Clair Huxtable was judging you

claire huxtable judging you

#19. When Diane Sawyer didn’t like what you said

diane sawyer didn't like what u said

#20. When this dog was suspicious of you

dog is suspicious

#21. When this dog got tired of that cub bear’s shenanigans

dog tired of bear cub shananigans

#22. When Katy Perry and Sam Smith threw some serious shade at Miley

katy perry and sam smith throwing shade

#23. When Kerry Washington was over it

kerry washington over it

#24. When this little girl was annoyed with Hilary Clinton

lil girl with hilary clinton

#25. When Lucille Bluth was not happy with you

lucille bluth was not happy

#26. When Madonna didn’t believe a word that came out of your mouth

madonna didn't believe a word you said

#27. When Michelle Obama gave dirty looks to the whole world

michelle obama dirty looks all around

#28. When Miles David and Kenny G met

miles david and kenny g

#29. When this monkey had enough of bath time

monkey had enough bath time

#30. When Orlando and Flynn Bloom showed disapproval

orlando and flynn boom showed disapproval

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