Meet The World’s MOST FEARLESS Cat – Would YOU do the Things She Does?

By | May 27, 2014

Meet Millie and Craig – two of the bestest friends you will ever set your eyes on. Craig Armstrong is an avid rock climber and explorer, and Millie is his adopted cat who follows him everywhere. Although Craig climbs some pretty high mountains and treks through dangerous terrain, Millie is right behind him. Naturally, cats love heights so it’s no surprise that Millie feels right at home with Craig climbing the highest peaks and exploring every inch.

This is Millie and Craig

1A This is Millie and Craig

They do crazy stunts together

they do crazy stunts together

Millie loves to follow Craig everywhere he goes

1Millie loves to follow Craig

Craig has to work slowly up the mountain so Millie has time to follow

craig has to work slowly up the mountain

They started by going to local parks

craig started with local parks

He treats her like a real climbing partner

he treats her like a real climbing partner

Millie is also a great jumper

millie is a great jumper

And an expert rock climber

millie is an expert rock climber

She also loves to explore

millie loves to explore









This isn’t your average cat…she even loves to trek through snow!

she even trecks through snow

But she is always kept safe with a harness

she is always kept safe with harnesses

She is basically fearless

she is fearless

She even teaches other cats her tricks

she touches other cats her tricks

Basically, she’s a better athlete than you are!

shes an incredible athlete

they are inseparable

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