22 Nerdy Babies Following in Their Parent’s Nerdy Ways

By | May 6, 2015

This is the epitome of cuteness!

Baby Princess Leia

baby princess leia

Baby Spiderman

baby spiderman

Baby Alice in Wonderland

baby alice in wonderland

Baby Batman and Baby Wonderwoman

baby batman and baby woderwoman

Baby Batman

baby batman

Baby Doctor Who

baby doctor who

Baby Ewok

baby ewok

Baby Flash

baby flash

Baby Gamer

baby gamer

Baby Harry Potter

baby harry potter

Baby Hobbit

baby hobbit

Baby Jedi

baby jedi

Baby Knight

baby knight

Baby Luke Skywalker

baby luke skywalker

Baby Luke

baby luke

Baby Mario

baby mario

Baby Ninja Turtle

baby ninja turtle

Baby Ninja Turtle

baby ninja turtle2

Baby Olaf

baby olaf

Baby Spock

baby spock

Baby Wonderwoman

baby wonderwoman

Baby Yoda

baby yoda

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