20 Ninja Cats Who Own The Intricate Art of Hide n Seek

By | January 20, 2015

Cats are known to be good ninjas! I mean, just look at their leaps and jumps! But most of all, check out their hide n seek skills. They’ll hide anywhere and everywhere…

Under the floorboards

under the floorboards

Under your dresser

under your dresser

Under your pillows

under your pillows

Underneath the cupboards

underneatht he cupboards

Deep inside the couch

deep inside the couch

During Christmas time in your tree

during xmas time, in your tree

In any and every box you own

in any and every box you own

In the walls

in the walls

In your bag

in your bag

In your billiards table

in your billiards table

In your case of beer

in your case of beer

In your paper towel bag

in your paper towel bag

In your recliner

in your recliner

In your vases

in your vases

In your watering can

in your watering can

Inside the cupboard

inside the cupboard

Inside your pillow

inside your pillow

Lurking in your floral arrangements

lurking in your floral arrangements

On top of the cupboards

on top of the cupboards

Saturating your clothes with their hair

saturing your clothes with their hair

Ninja cats, we salute you! Don’t forget to share:)