This Man Hasn’t Bathed Since He Was 20 Years Old…He Is Now 80!

By | March 27, 2014

The man you are about to see hasn’t bathed in 60 years. No, he doesn’t suffer from a medical condition…he has simply refuses to wash himself. As you can imagine, his skin looks almost unreal – making him blend in with nature.

Meet 80 year old Amoo Hadji

amoo hadji











Amoo lives in the village of Dezhgah (city of Farashband in Fars province of Iran).

amoo hadji10












You may not be able to tell, but those are his hands












His most prized possession is a steel pipe which he smokes animal dung out of

amoo hadji2











He leads a very simplistic way of live

amoo hadji4













amoo hadji3












Why Amoo hasn’t bathed in 60 years? No one seems to know

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