14 Animals Who Are Very Uncomfortable In Your Arms

By | April 28, 2015

They do NOT want to be picked up…mmmkay?

“Spare me from this wrath!!”

spare me from this wrath

“Save meee”

save me

“Please…let me ggoooo”

please let me go



“NO! Stop it…NOW!”

no stop it now

“Let me goooo”

let me gooo

“Let her in but leave me out here!!!”

let her in but leave me out here

“Kill me now”

kill me now

“I’m not amused at all!”

im not amsued at all

“Help meeee”

help me

“Don’t cuddle me I’m a frikken tiger you idiot!”

dont cuddle me im a frikken tiger

“Dear god put me doowwn”

dear god put me down

“I am soo disgusted by your selfies!”

i am so disgusted by ur selfies

“There is NOTHING worse than this!”

theres nothing worse than this

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