You Would NEVER Be Able to Afford To Live Here…These Prices Are INSANE

By | August 14, 2014

Nunavut is one of those places that’s far from the rest of civilization and with that, comes a price. Literally. Residents of Nunavut, Canada are simply fed up with the outrageous prices of groceries and pretty much everything else. Yes, we get that everything has to be flown in, but STILL, $104 for 24 bottles of water? That’s outrageous!

$42 for frozen popsicles

frozen pop 42

$25 for frozen taquitos

frozen taquitos 25

$16 for ground beef

ground beef 16

$15 for ice cream

ice cream 15

$16 for a box of NutriGrain

nutrigrain 16

$17 for orange juice

orange juice 17

$16 for peppers

peppers 16

$18 for sugar

sugar 18

$55 for baby formula

baby formula 55

$104 for bottled water

bottled water for 104

$3 and some for candy

candy 3 something

$6 for canned corn

canned corn 6

$32 for chicken burgers

chicken burgers 32

$10 for a bag of chips

chips 10

$7 for cooking sauce

cooking sauce 7

$35 for corn dogs

corn dogs 35

This is just insane! How could they charge so much? If you want to bring attention to this, please share with others and let’s make a difference in these peoples’ lives!