14 People Who Thought Outside the Box – Life Hacks At Their Most Extreme

By | September 2, 2014

These next people really know how to live life.

#1. Playing checkers with food items

play checkers with food items

#2. Saving money on water by bathing in a backhoe

save money on water

#3. Use dental floss to slice cheese easily

use dental floss to slice cheese easily

#4. Use empty cans to decorate your balcony

use empty cans to decoarte balcony

#5. Tired of your tires popping? Use kegs instead!

use kegs as tires

#6. Use pasta sticks to light candles

use pasta sticks to light candles

#7. Because you simply must eat no matter what

because you must eat

#8. Cold, windy winter? A box on your head will do the trick

cold winters nbd for a box hat

#9. Have an old bus laying around? Convert it into extra living space

convert an old bus into living space

#10. Save wine corks and plant tiny plants in them

corks for plant

#11. DIY corkscrew

diy corckscrew

#12. Relaxation at its most extreme

extreme relaxation

#13. Hang your own light bulbs – no electrician needed

hang your own lightbulbs


no spoon no problem

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