Parents Tweet The Most Hilarious Things Their Kids Have Said

We all know kids say the darnest things, and these next kids are NO exception! The hashtag #shitmykidssay has become viral with parents posting just that: shit their kids say! So prepare yourself to double over in tears as parents Tweet the most hilarious things their kids have said!   Parents Tweet The Most Hilarious… Read More »

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Artist Paints His Dreams on Canvas

You know when you wake up after an amazing or terrifying dream and you’re trying to hold on to it? Well one artist does just that! Netanel Moran uses oil on canvas, he paints as many dreams as he can remember. What you’re about to see if truly amazing and I am totally jealous! #1.… Read More »

The Most Epic Photos From the 2016 Rio Olympics

The 2016 Rio Olympics came to a close yesterday, but what a two weeks it was! There were tears of joy, tears of sadness, some unbelievable athletes, and an all-around amazing and unforgettable 2 weeks. While we’re sad for the Olympics to end, at least we have some amazing photographs to look back on and… Read More »

iPhone Pictures Get a Surreal Twist

iPhone photographer Lillwihlen loves to capture the most special moments and then add a surreal twist to them. Using a surreal/comic twist to his photographs, Lillwihlen has become a sort of Instagram celebrity and it’s easy to see why! Take a look at these incredible iPhone pictures! Sure, they may be manipulated but there is seriously some… Read More »

Edible Soda Cakes Are OUTRAGEOUSLY Realistic

Realistic cakes are a HUGE thing right now and it seems as if bakers can make a cake look like almost anything, but one baker truly stands above the rest. Andres Fatso is a Sydney based confectioner who makes these stunning, super realistic soda cakes. Just take a look at these pictures – they are… Read More »

This Girl Takes the World’s Most Dangerous Selfies

You know how you take selfies? Well this Russian girl takes selfie to a whole new level – literally! Angela Nikolau, a self-taught photographer takes selfies to the edge. From standing on super tall skyscrapers to laying down on the side of a building, this girl isn’t afraid to take a risk…or 10. Do NOT… Read More »

20 Pictures Featuring The Most Adorable Kittens You’ve Ever Seen

Kittens…they make our lives just a little bit better each day. With their cute little faces, purring tummies, and perfect little paws, there’s nothing more comforting and aww-worthy than a tiny, fluffy little kitten. So with that said, here are 20 pictures featuring the most adorable kittens you’ve ever seen. 20 Pictures Featuring The Most… Read More »

18 Breathtaking Photographs of Ballet Dancers in New York City

Omar Roble takes some amazing photographs, and these next ones are no exception! Roble created this breathtaking set of ballet dancers in New York city’s backdrop. An urban feel coupled with beauty and elegance portrays the raw talent these these dancers really have. So here are 18 breathtaking photographs of ballet dancers in New York… Read More »

22 Nerdy Babies Following in Their Parent’s Nerdy Ways

This is the epitome of cuteness! Baby Princess Leia Baby Spiderman Baby Alice in Wonderland Baby Batman and Baby Wonderwoman Baby Batman Baby Doctor Who Baby Ewok Baby Flash Baby Gamer Baby Harry Potter \ Baby Hobbit Baby Jedi Baby Knight Baby Luke Skywalker Baby Luke Baby Mario Baby Ninja Turtle Baby Ninja Turtle Baby… Read More »

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27 Celebrities Who Totally Rocked The Prom Look

It’s almost prom season and that means it’s time to take a look back at some of the best prom celebrity photos. Some of them look goofy and outdated, but little did most of them know how famous they would be one day. And that’s what makes these photographs so special! Taylor Swift Tiger Woods… Read More »

Creepy Realistic Cake Art Is Beyond Morbid. Could YOU Eat These?

Culinary artist Annabel de Vetten wants to give you a sinful taste of her morbid creations. Inspired by horror films, she brings something new and unexpected to the table. So could you actually eat any of these super creepy cakes? How realistic…these would be great for a Halloween party! Don’t forget to share:)