There Are Aliens Living Amongst Us…And They Love to Eat Our Flesh

By | August 16, 2014

Have you ever seen parasites up close? I mean, really, really up close? Well if you haven’t yet, you’re in luck today! Here are what parasites look like under the microscope and it’s the creepiest thing you’ll ever see.

#1. Dermatobia Hominis AKA Human Botfly Larva

dermatobia hominis aka human botfly larva

#2. Fasciola Hepatica AKA Liver Fluke

fasciola hepatica aka liver fluke

#3. Hirudo Medicinalis AKA Medicinal Leech

hirudo medicinalis aka medicinal leech

#4. Ixodes Scapularis AKA Deer Tick

ixodes scapularis aka deer tick

#5. Taenia Solium AKA Pork Tape Worm

taenia solium aka pork tape worm

#6. Ascaris Lumbricoides AKA Giant Roundworm

ascaris lumbricoides aka giant roundworm

#7. Cimex Lectularius AKA Bed Bug

cimex lectularius aka bed bug

#9. Dermacentor Andersoni AKA Rocky Mountain Wood Tick

dermacentor andersoni aka rocky mountain wood tick

That was extremely gross and very creepy to realize that these things exist on our planet. Share with others!