This is The Most Heartbreaking Thing You’ll Ever See…How Someone Could Have Done This is Beyond Me

By | April 18, 2014

This is Patrick. As heartbreaking as it may sound, Patrick was about to become garbage. He was found wrapped up in a garbage bag and had been thrown down the chute. How someone could have done this to a sweet dog…I don’t even know. Thankfully, garbage men noticed something amiss and he was rescued at the last second.

This is what Patrick looked like when he was found…it makes me cry to even just look at this photo

abused dog

He was scared and wouldn’t let many people touch him.

abused dog2

Rescuers took good care of him so he could be on his way to recovery.

abused dog3

He started becoming a little playful…this was a good sign!

abused dog5

Big sign of improvement here!

abused dog7

So adorable!

abused dog4

A cone was placed on his head so he wouldn’t lick his wounds

abused dog8

Looking much better!

abused dog9

Patrick enjoying the Halloween season and looking happy!

abused dog10

He is now a healthy, loving dog with a loving family!

abused dog11

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