Meet Patrick. The Oldest and Most Cuddliest Wombat in the World

By | August 29, 2014

At 27 years of age, Patrick the wombat is the oldest known wombat in the world. On average, most wombats don’t even make it past 20. These 4 legged marsupials native to Australia, are something of a wonder for the rest of the world. Sure, they make look like giant rants, but really, they’re the cuddliest, most loving animals. Patrick’s mother was run over by a car when he was just a baby, so the people at Ballarat Wildlife Park adopted him. Since, they’ve tried releasing him back into the wild but with no avail – he keeps coming back.

He’s basically the cutest thing you’ll see all year

wombat patrick5

wombat patrick6

wombat patrick7

Yes, he really is that big and cuddly!

wombat patrick

wombat patrick2

wombat patrick3

wombat patrick4

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