These F’ed Up Pictures Will Make You Do a Triple Take

By | August 18, 2014

Perspective pictures are always fun to look at, and these are no exception. At first, they’ll look strange…but take a closer look and you’ll notice that they’re actually not that strange. These will make you do a triple take!

#1. Invisibility cloak

invisibility cloack

#2. This guy’s got some super long legs

long legs guy

#3. What a pervert!

perverted guy grabbing princess

#4. Starring into the abyss

starring into the abyss

#5. What’s up there I wonder?

whats up there

#6. Who is holding who here??

who is holding who

#7. Womanly body guy

womanly body guy

#8. 3 headed deer…wtf?!?

3 headed deer

#9. Johnny 4-arms

4 arms

#10. Uhmm…something’s not right here


#11. It’s got wiiinggs

cow with wings

#12. Is this boat floating in the air??

floating boat

#13. Giant head or tiny body? You decide!

giant head or tiny body

#14. Is that just a guy posing with his family…or is he just part of the painting?

guy in painting

#15. He only LOOKS naked

he only looks naked

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