Photographer Travels to the Coldest Place on Earth Where the Temp Can Reach -72 C

By | January 19, 2017

A brave photographer decided to travel to the coldest place on Earth where the temperature can reach a chilling and horrifying -72C or -96F. This cold place is called Oymyakon, and is located in Russia where the average temperature in January is a crazy -50C. The village is the coldest permanently inhabited place on the planet! New Zealand based photographer Amos Chapple bundled up for his 2 day journey to the coldest place on Earth.

I was wearing thin trousers when I first stepped outside into – 47 °C (-52°F). I remember feeling like the cold was physically gripping my legs, the other surprise was that occasionally my saliva would freeze into needles that would prick my lips”, the photographer told to

According to Chapple, the hardest thing was not actually the cold but rather his camera’s focus and zoom as they would occasionally freeze!

From outside to inside

from outside to inside


The meat and fish market keeps everything nice and frozen!

the meat and fish market


coldest-village-oymyakon-russia-amos-chaple-10 coldest-village-oymyakon-russia-amos-chaple-23


The “Road of Bones” is the only road that leads to Oymyakon

the road of bones is the only route to oymyakon


Even the village sign read “Oymyakon, The Pole of Cold”

the village sign reads pole of cold

frozen house coldest-village-oymyakon-russia-amos-chaple-24


It’s so cold that most toilets are outdoor toilets. The ground is too cold and frozen for indoor plumbing.


Cows are kept in a warm barn at night


cows2 cows3 coldest-village-oymyakon-russia-amos-chaple-3 coldest-village-oymyakon-russia-amos-chaple-21

The only shop in town provides residents with all necessities


Cars must be kept in warmed garages, else they won’t start.

cars coldest-village-oymyakon-russia-amos-chaple-12

A coal powered plant keeps the villagers warm

coal heating plant coal heating plant2 last

Could YOU live there? I don’t think I’d have the guts!


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Images Source: Amoschapplephoto