Pictures Reveal The Truth Behind Photography

By | September 9, 2016

We see amazing photographs every day of our lives, but what actually goes on behind the scenes? Just like in the movies, photography is also set up. And it’s actually pretty crazy to see the amount of works that goes into what might look like a simple photograph for you and me! Check out these next photographs and what goes on behind the scenes!




Rock Climber

rock climber



Glass Lake

mirror lake



This is What It Looks Like in Real Life

this is what it looks like in real life







Wedding Photography

wedding photography2



Underwater Dog

underwater dog



Photoshoot 25m Under The Sea

photoshoot 25m under the water



Burning Lava

burning lava



M&Ms in Water Drops

M&Ms in water drops




wedding photography



Fox Closeup

fox closeup



Surreal Miniature Photography

surreal miniature photography







Miniature Cars

miniature cars create historic photos