OMG I’m So Glad I Wasn’t Alive When These MONSTER CREATURES Roamed The Earth

By | October 21, 2014

If you’re not comfortable with sea creatures and insects just because they gross you out, you would have had an issue living way way back in the day. All of these creatures existed on the planet at one point or another. Yes. Let that sink in.

Jaekelopetrus aka the giant sea scorpion. The giants were 8 feet long with pincers that were 18 inches long!


Meganeura aka the giant dragonfly. With a wingspan of 2 feet, you’d die if you saw this coming at you!


Platyceramu the giant clam. At over three feet long, this was the biggest clam ever found. Imagine the size of that pearl.


Pulmonoscorpius aka the giant land scorpion. This land scorpion was over 2 feet long!


Titanboa giant snake. At 2 and a half thousand pounds, the titanoboa snake measured 40-50 feet!


Anomalocaris, a shrimp-squid like creatured. 500 million years ago, this abnormal shrimp had fangs and was over three feet long!


Arthorepleura, the giant centipede. Now THIS is the stuff of nightmares. At 8 feet long, this was one of the biggest invertebrates to have ever lived.


Cameroceras the giant cephalod. At over 30 feet long, this was the largest predator during the Paleozoic era.


Campanile Giganteum. The largest snail to ever live was over 2 feet long!


I. Rex, the giant horseshoe crab was the largest species of trilobite that ever lived.


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