24 Foods That Are Begging For Their Lives in the Saddest Way Ever

By | March 27, 2015

If you think eating meat is bad, take a look at these poor foods that are absolutely devastated that you’ll be eating them!

1. This pie can’t even look at what’s about to happen to it

this pie can't even look at what's about to happen

2. This thing has TWO faces

this thing has 2 faces

3. Why you wanna cut me up?

why you wanna cut me up

4. You’ve betrayed your hot cocoa!

you've betrayed hot cocoa

5. Angry noodle

angry noodle

6. Although this apple is now old, it knows its time has come

apple grew old but now it knows its time has come

7. This carrot holding on for dear life

carrot holding on for dear life

8. This chocolate bar doesn’t like your face

chocolate bar doesn't like your face

9. Cookie doesn’t understand what it did wrong

cookie doesn't understand what it did wrong

10. This crying bread

crying bread

11. This sad eggplant


12. Horrified peppers

horrified peppers

13. This oreo is melting from the horror

oreo melting from the horror

14. Please don’t crack me open

please don't crack me open

15. Please don’t eat me

please dont eat me

16. Sad banana

sad banana

17. Sad spaghetti

sad spaghetti-o

18. Screaming pepper

screaming pepper

19. Swiss cheese is sad

swiss cheese is sad

20. Terrified eggs

terrified eggs

21. This drink thinks you’ve had enough to drink

this drink thinks you've had enough to drink

22. This one is trying to escape

this one is escaping

23. This pickle just realized what’s about to happen

this pickle just realized

24. Although it knows what’s about to happen, this onion is having its last smile knowing that you’ll cry as you cut him up

although it knows whats about to happen, this onion can has a last evil smile knowing youll cry as you cut him open

So next time you decide to cut open a pepper, think of the consequences! If you enjoyed this post, don’t forget to share:)