12 Times When Kids’ Movies Got Way Too Sexual

By | April 14, 2015

Could someone tell these people that these are supposed to be kids’ movies??

As you can see, the priest is a little excited here

priest has a boner here

The mice in Cinderella

the mice in cinderella

The Santa Clause Drug Reference

the santa clause drug reference

This phallic bump on the head

this phallic bump

Hugh Laurie talking about his thing in 101 Dalmatians

101 dalmatians

The bikini girl on the Lion King poster

bikini girl lion king poster

The foot size reference in Frozen

foot size in frozen

Hercules talking about his issues

hercules talking about his issues

The “lemon party” in Cars 2. If you don’t know what a lemon party is, please don’t Google it.

in cars 2, lemon party

The word orgy on Mickey merchandise

mickey merchandise orgy

This phallic image in The Little Mermaid

phallic image in little mermaid

Pitching a tent in The Emperor’s New Groove

pitching a tent in the emperors new groove

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