36 Images That Prove Celebrities Are Just As Silly As We Are

By | September 8, 2014

Who says famous people don’t get crazy?

#1. Steven Spielberg

steven spielberg

#2. The Queen laughing at her husband’s uniform

the queen laughing at her husbands uniform

#3. Tony Blair

tony blair

#4. Tsar Nicholas II of Russia

tsar nicholas II of russia

#5. Albert Einstein wearing fuzzy slippers

albert einstein fuzzy slippers

#6. Alfred Hitchcock

alfred hitchcock

#7. Benedict Cumberbatch

benedict cumberbatch

#8. Bill Gates and Shaq

bill gates and shaw

#9. Bobby Grich pours beer over Richard Nixon

bobby grich pours beer over richard nixon

#10. Boris Johnson, Mayor of London

boris johnson mayor of london

#11. Charlie Chaplin

charlie chaplin

#12. Dalai Lama acting silly

dalai lama acting silly

#13. Dalai Lama acting silly yet again

dalai lama

#14. Franklin Roosevelt pulling his cousin’s hair

frankling roosevelt pulling his cousin's hair

#15. John Key, Prime Minister of New Zealand

john key pm of nz

#16. Joss Whedon

joss whedon

#17. Kevin Rudd, former Prime Minister of Australia

kevin rudd former pm of australia

#18. King George VI

king george VI

#19. King Victor Emmanuel

king victor emmanuel II

#20. Mark Hamil with Kermit, Ms. Piggy, and Yoda

mark hamil with kermit ms piggy and yoda

#21. Michael D. Higgins, President of Ireland

michael d higgins president of ireland

#22. Nancy Reagan and Mr. T.

nancy reagan and mr t

#23. President Ford showing off his skills to Pele

president ford and pele

#24. President Obama and Vice Chinese Premier

president obama and vice chiense premier

#25. President Obama catches a kid sleeping and takes advantage of it

president obama catches kid sleeping

#26. President of Belarus and his mini-me

president of belarus and his minime

#27. President of Estonia taking a selfie

president of estonia taking a selfie

#28. Prince Charles

prince charles

#29. Prince Harry photobombs

prince harry photobombing

#30. Prince William photobombing

prince william photobombing

#31. Queen of England photobombing. The entire Royal family is at it!

queen of england photobombing

#32. Richard Nixon

richard nixon

#33. Ronald Regan wearing sweatpants on the Air Force One

ronald regan wearing sweatpants

#34. Stanley Kubrick taking a mirror selfie with his daughter

stanley kubrick taking a selfie

#35. Steve Jobs giving the finger to IBM

steve jobs

#36. Steven Spielberg bathing E.T.

steven spielberg bathing ET

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