23 Completely Useless Items You Can Buy From the SkyMall

By | January 26, 2015

As you may or may not have heard, SkyMall is filing for bankruptcy, so you better get on it and order all the weird stuff before they shut down!

Solar and battery powered cooling hat

solar and bettery powered cooling hat

Tap water bottle

tap water bottle

These weird lamps

these weird lamps

T-Rex trophy sculpture

trex trophy sculpture

Vegasize compressed shirts

vegasize compressed shirts

Waistband stretcher

waistband stretcher

Wrist cell phone carrier

wrist cell phone carrier

Bigfoot garden yeti statue

bigfoot garden yeti statue

Bug vacuum

bug vacuum

Dog raincoat with built-in umbrella

dog raincoat with built in umbrella

Front pocket wallet

front pocket wallet

Helmutt house

helmutt house

High waist control briefs for men

high waist control briefs for men

Indiana Jones leather bullwhip

indiana jones leather bullwhip

King Tut cabinet

king tut cabinet

NFL shoe wine holder

nfl shoe wine holder

Night glow toilet seat

night glow toilet seat

Seabreacher customized boat

seabreacher customized boat

Sexy lingerie nightshirt

sexy lingerie nightshirt

Siamese blanket

siamese blanket

Signed soup nazi photo

singed soup nazi photo



Solafeet foot tanner

solafeet foot tanner

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