23 Celebrities: Then and Now

By | March 18, 2014

While we all love to poke fun at celebrities, some of these before and afters are totally cringe worthy.

Mel Gibson – From handsome to crazy in just a few years

mel gibson

Mark Hammil – The years have really taken a toll on Mark

mark hamill

Madonna – Still looking pretty good!


Lisa Robin Kelly…Yikes! No words

lisa robin kelly

Lindsay Lohan – Trainwreck

lindsay lohan

Johnny Depp – Was and IS still a heartthrob

johnny depp

Gary Busey – Hasn’t changed a bit!

gary busey

Eddie Van Halen – Still rockin out!

eddie van halen

Geena Davis – Uhm…what happened?

geena davis

Boy George – No longer a boy, but a man baby!

boy george

Carrie Fisher – Is this even the same person?!?

carrie fisher

Clint Eastwood – Just a little wrinkly, but still ok!

clint eastwood

Dolly Parton – Plastic surgery is HER best friend

dolly parton

Billy Idol – Never giving up on that spiky hair

billy idol

Barbra Streisand – Not the most flattering picture

barbra streisand

Axl Rose – Uhm…I’m scared

axl rose

Arnold Schwarzenegger – Still rockin’ speedos

arnold schwarzenegger

Wayne Newton – Plastic surgery is HIS best friend!

wayne newton

Pierce Brosnan – You let yourself go Mr. Bond!

pierce brosnan

Pamela Anderson – Not too shabby for her age!

pam anderson

Mickey Rourke – Looking like an escaped convict

mickey rourke

Mike Tyson – I don’t see the difference…Oh wait! FACE TATTOOS!

mike tyson

Hugh Hefner – From PlayBoy to PlayMAN

hugh hefner

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