17 of the Strangest and Coolest Sleeping Bags You’ll Immediately Need

By | January 13, 2015

How often do you REALLY use a sleeping bag? Probably not too often. But THESE sleeping bags, you’ll definitely want to use all the time!

Pizza bag

pizza bag

Shark bag

shark bag

Sleeping bag hammock

sleeping bag hammock

Wearable suit bag

wearable suit bag

Whale bag

whale bag

Adam and Eve bag

adam and eve bag

Anatomical bag

anatomical bag

Bear bag

bear bag

Cadaver bag

cadaver bag

Cocoon armchair bag

cocoon armchair bag

Condom bag and pillow

condom bag and pillow

Jabba the Hut bag

jabba the hut bag

Japanese bread bag

japanese bread bag

Japanese snuggie

japanese snuggie

Lego bag

lego bag

Marvel superhero bags

marvel superheroes bags

Mummy sarcophagus bag

mummy sacrophagus bag

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