Superheroes & Their Part-Time Jobs Since Nobody Pays Them For Their Heroism

By | April 16, 2015

They have to make money somehow, right?

Spiderman making tennis rackets

spiderman tennis rackets

Storm making it rain

storm rain maker

Superman the mail man

superman mail man

Hulk demolishing buildings

the hulk smasher

Thor the iron worker

thor the welder

Wolverine the deli slicer

wolverine deli slice

Aquaman cleaning aquariums

aquaman cleaning aquariums

Batman no job

batman no job

Catwoman the mice catcher

cat woman mice catcher

Cyclops the driller

cyclops the driller

Darth Vader gardening

darth vader gardening

Flash the pizza delivery man

flash pizza delivery man

Flash at his second job as a waiter

flash waiter

Harry Potter the janitor

harry potter cleaner

The Human Torch working as an oven

human torch chicken roaster

Iceman the ice maker

iceman ice maker

Invisible Man as a magician’s aide

invisible man magician

Iron Man ironing

iron man ironing

Loki the sheep herder

loki sheep herder

Mr. Fantastic apple picking

mr fantastic apple picking

Robin the lumberjack

robin tree cuter

Robin’s second job as a window washer

robin window washer

Why are Robin and Flash the only ones with 2 jobs, hmm? Don’t forget to share:)