I Thought Superheroes Didn’t Exist Until I Saw THESE People CAUGHT ON CAMERA…Especially the Last One WOW

By | August 3, 2014

We all know superheroes don’t exist…at least not the type we see in movies. But THESE superheroes are BETTER than the fake ones tenfold! These heroes are dad heroes! Every single one of these dads was caught on camera making an incredible save and
it took guts, insane reflexes, and absolutely no fear to do what they did.

#1. An incredible last second save!

last second save

#2. Quick reflex dad does not give up his ball that easily

quick reflex dad

#3. A brilliant step catch

step catch

#4. Probably the most insane save I’ve ever seen

baby save

#5. Squirmy baby calls for a super dad

baby slippin

#6. NBD!

caught the ball

#7. Now this takes some track skills!

dad running after car

#8. Amazing diving save

diving save

#9. And last but certainly not least…super dad! This guy deserves a medal no questions asked!

z super dad

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