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Here Are What Some Parents Named Their Children in 2014…And It’s Terrible

BabyCenter’s annual baby-naming survey has confirmed the following list of baby names as the strangest ever for 2014. These poor kids don’t even know what’s coming to them once they get a little older. For shame! Stormie Vino Wolf Zeppelin Linux Onix YOLO Agape Audi Bender Castle Chia Denim Dior Dodge Harbor Heavenleigh Hennessy Hershey… Read More »

Winners of the 2014 National Geographic Photography Contest Will Blow You Away

This year, National Geographic selected the most amazing images from this year which included people, places, and nature. Honorable mentions are also included, but these will all take your breath away. People, Winner People, Honorable Mention People, Honorable Mention People, Honorable Mention People, Honorable Mention People, Honorable Mention People, Honorable Mention People, Honorable Mention Places,… Read More »

33 of the Most Memorable Photographs From 2014. A Look Back at Our Greatest Moments

Could 2014 be summed up in pictures? After all, they do say that a picture is worth a thousand words! WHOA! Big kitty! Not what it seems: yogurt, peach, and apple The most ginger family Simple pleasures Amsterdam at night Autumn in the village Bucket of laziness Drop of sea water increased 25X Edge of… Read More »

Winning Photos of the 2014 Architectural Photography Awards Are Spectacular!

Architects can design beautiful buildings, but once they’re finished, who’s going to capture their beauty? That’s where these photographers come in! Winner of the 2014 Architectural Photography Awards The Runner Ups Absolutely beautiful photography! Don’t forget to share on Facebook by clicking the button below:)

Creepy Figure Skating Faces – You’ll Never Look at These People The Same Again

The 2014 Sochi Olympics were more than just about weird bathroom stalls, President Putin, and a bunch of medals. The Olympics were also about the “wonderful” faces that were pulled by the Olympics skaters. Beware: these scenes might horrify you! Now…sit back and let the loling begin! “Must look ahead…but also to the side!”  … Read More »