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Here is What 30 of Your Fave Disney Charcaters’ REAL Faces Look Like. The Voice Behind the Cartoon

Who IS the voice behind the character? Let’s find out! Sebastian: Samuel E. Wright The Beast: Robby Benson Tiana: Anika Noni Rose Ursula: Pat Carroll Winnie the Pooh: Sterling Holloway Yzma: Eartha Kitt Aladdin: Scott Weinger Alice in Wonderland: Kathryn Beaumont Ariel: Jodi Benson Bambi: Donnie Dunagan Belle: Paige Ohara Captain Hook: Hans Conried Cinderella:… Read More »

29 Inappropriate Pictures That Should Have NEVER Been Posted Online!

What does this teach us? Look very, very carefully before posting anything online…cuz you just might never know! Checking out dat ass Terrorist kids? WOW When you see it… That warped door though Wall of hats, duck face, and a giant dildo Toilet selfie is always a no no Sex hair See the pink thing?… Read More »

28 Times When Kids Acted Like Satan’s Children…WTF!!

I hope not ALL kids are like this, because then everyone would have one HELL of a time…literally. But seriously though, who let these kids out of their cages? They’re wild, they’re crazy, they’re rude, and they have no disregard for other people’s things! But even with all that said, they’re still heart-wrenchingly cute and… Read More »

Bad Kitty! Here are 18 Cats That Got Caught & Put to Shame!

Cats sure do have big personalities…and this is probably why you can’t have nice things! #1. Rocky cat #2. Man-hating cat #3. Hair accessory monster #4. This cat does not care about you getting well #5. The cheese-burglar! #6. Technology hater #7. Economy cat #8. Generous cat & ungrateful owner! #9. Swiffer cat #10. Fishy… Read More »