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20 Beautiful Albino Animals That Will Take Your Breath Away

They sport an unusual color…but that’s what makes them even more special! Long-beaked echidna Newborn albino elephant Snowdrop the albino African penguin Saltwater lobster Albino Alaskan moose Albino baby deer Albino bat Albino black bear Albino camel Albino chimp Albino kangaroo Albino lion Albino racoon Albino raven Albino rino Albino turtle Amazon river dolphin Bengal… Read More »

20 Animals With Unusual But Beautiful Colors Like You’ve Never Seen Them Before.

Sometimes nature takes it upon herself to create something truly unique and beautiful. Pink Orchid Mantis Pink Robin Purple Snail Rainbow Cricket Red Slug Red Velvet Ant Regal Ring Neck Snake White Peacock Albino Crow Albino Squirrel All Black Rooster Blue and Green Parakeet Blue Lobster Chimeric Lobster Halloween Crab Indian Bull Frog Nicobar Pigeon… Read More »

Here Are 25 Strangely Beautiful Albino Animals

Albinism is defined as a condition that is characterized by reduced pigmentation. Albinism (white with red eyes), as well as Leucism (white with often blue eyes), can occur in humans as well as in animals. These next creatures, although strange looking, are hauntingly beautiful. #1. Vulture #2. Turtle #3. Snail #4. Shark #5. Rhino #6.… Read More »