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26 Foot Long Squid Found Deep in The Ocean Looks Very Alien Like

A giant, 26 foot long Mangapinna squid was found in the Gulf of Mexico when a rover was sent down there by an oil company. Its tentacles, which are 26 feet long make catching prey very easy for this squid. But just look at it…it doesn’t even look like something from this planet. Its extra… Read More »

You Will NEVER Go In The Ocean After Seeing This! OMG! How Are These Things Even REAL?!?

The ocean is FULL of things we can’t even BEGIN to understand, and these next sea creatures are so alien-like, they almost don’t look real. So next time you’re in the ocean, watch your step, because you never know when you might encounter the next sea creature. #1. Mola Mola #2. Pink See-Through Fantasia #3.… Read More »

There Are Aliens Living Amongst Us…And They Love to Eat Our Flesh

Have you ever seen parasites up close? I mean, really, really up close? Well if you haven’t yet, you’re in luck today! Here are what parasites look like under the microscope and it’s the creepiest thing you’ll ever see. #1. Dermatobia Hominis AKA Human Botfly Larva #2. Fasciola Hepatica AKA Liver Fluke #3. Hirudo Medicinalis… Read More »

Here Are 31 Reasons Why Planet Mars is So Amazing

The red planet is nothing short of amazing. Mars, one of our closest neighbors has been one of humanity’s most difficult feats. We’d like to learn so much about it, but we have limited resources and technology. Although Mars is our neighbor, we still don’t have the capability to reach it ourselves. That’s why we’ve… Read More »

The Atacama Skeleton Mystery – Alien or Human?

If you’ve never seen or heard of the Atacama skeleton, then you gotta see this! Although this skeleton has been found years ago, it still peaks the interest of thousands of scientists and doctors alike. The Atacama skeleton was found in 2003 in the Atacama desert in Chile. The skeleton, which stands 6-inches tall (yes… Read More »

16 of Some of the Weirdest Animals You’ll Ever See – And Please RUN if you ever see #11!

The planet is full of strange, lesser known creatures, whom, if you take a closer look at, actually look otherworldly! Now, I’m not claiming that these creatures are aliens but….THEY’RE ALIENS!!! #1. Mexican Axolotl – Straight out of a cartoon movie!                         #2. Irrawady Dolphin… Read More »