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9 Painfully Awkward and Bizarre Celebrity Photos

Sometimes we’re lucky enough to see celebrities in their awkward moments too. #1. Jessie J #2. Justin Bieber #3. Katherine Heigl #4. Octavia Spencer #5. Simon Cowell #6. Beyonce #7. Calista Flockheart #8. Cameron Diaz #9. Donald Trump Seriously though, what the hell were these celebs doing? Share with your friends 🙂

34 of the Derpiest Animals I Have Ever Seen. I Don’t Know Whether To Laugh or Cry

Animals are so much fun! Whether they’re photobombing us or just acting plain stupid, they always have a spot in our hearts. These next 34 animals take the cake for being super awkward…you’ll see why! Hopefully that brightened up your day a bit! Share these derpy animals with your friends:)