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39 Breathtaking Photos of Coral Reefs From Around the World

Coral reefs are one of nature’s most stunning creations, and these 39 photos give you a little glimpse into that amazing world. The Philippines Thailand US Virgin Islands Bonaire Coral bleaching East Timor Fiji Florida Great Barrier Reef Guam Haiti Honduras Indonesia Island of Borneo Maldives Orange cup coral Papua New Guinea These pictures took… Read More »

Here Are 32 Horrible English Translations That Will Have You In Stitches…God I Love These

English can be a pretty hard language to master, especially for countries that have a completely different alphabet. But that is why, when translations go bad, everyone has a good laugh. These next English translations from all around the world are hilarious and you’ll see why! Simply amazing! Now go on and share with your… Read More »

Top 19 Answers Revealed: “If the World Were to End, What Would be Your Top Destinations?”

, Many people make bucket lists today, and it seems like at the top of every bucket list (or even filling most of the bucket list) are travel destinations. These amazing destinations are the PERFECT places for you to visit before the end of the world. Inspiring, jaw-dropping, and nothing short of amazing, these are… Read More »