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30 Animal Friendships That Will Make Your Heart Explode With Joy. If They Can Be Friends, Why Can’t We?

It’s astounding to see two completely different animal species not only interact with one another, but actually possess a close relationship. #1. A monkey that cares for a cat #2. Rooster and dog #3. Shakira and her dogs #4. Snorkel and Herschel #5. Sox the cat and Liab the lamb #6. Suryia and Roscoe #7.… Read More »

Japan Has Done It Again. You’ll Never Eat Bread The Same Way Again. Thank You Japan, Thank You So Much.

Japan is the land of crazy inventions, and this one’s no stranger. The only problem is that I want it, and so will you. Your bread meals will be a billion times better with these bread toast stamper that’s shaped into a bear. Because why not? More than just perforating the outline of an adorable… Read More »